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Monthly ArchiveJanuary 2007

type & Lettering Sunday January 28 2007 11:05 pm

‘the’ book / New York City / January 25-27, 2007

A friend, Jeanille Tumey, and I are working on a book of photos of the word ‘the’. The plan is to letterpress the text and to inkjet print the photos. We’ve been collecting images for about two years. I probably have 20 that would work for the book.

Here are my three favorites (from the nine decent ones I took) from the weekend of January 25-27.

Jill down in the subway standing in front of the mosaic signage which says “59th Street.”

I really love the architectural quality of this one.

And this one was especially important. This is the front of The Guggenheim Museum which is currently being renovated. I believe I read that when they were first building the museum they started putting the type higher than Frank Lloyd Wright wanted it. I guess the extra T is from that false start.

type & Lettering Sunday January 28 2007 11:01 pm

Type over time / New York City / January 25-27, 2007

We couldn’t quite figure out the lettering. It looked a bit like the ones that seemed aged (CO) looked like they might have been the newest ones. They were made out of plywood, but then not sealed well enough against the elements. Actually a pretty decent statement about the state of education today.

Studio projects Wednesday January 24 2007 04:28 pm

004 Birthdayscape 2007

Title: Birthdayscape 2007
Client: TerreNation & Ellen Steinberg
Edition: 14
Structure: accordion book
. . . cover: letterpressed in one color
. . . inside: inkjet print of text and words / music to Jambalaya by Hank Williams
Production: handset type
Software: InDesign
. . . folded: 3.75″ x 5″
. . . unfolded: 55″ x 5″
Press: Vandercook SP-15
Paper: handmade paper (yellow on front, green on back covers)
. . . cover: Cheltenham Outline (wood), Aigrette (metal)
. . . inside: ITC Isadora, Franklin Gothic Condensed, Verdana
Designer: Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher
Printers: Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher

Story: Each January a group of women in advertising travel to an interesting locale for Ellen Steinberg’s Birthdayscape. Ellen was a student of mine and my daughter goes on the trip. This is the second year we’ve produced a journal for the participants.

inventory / collection Sunday January 21 2007 10:55 am

Amos Kennedy posters

We are always on the lookout for things we can add to our collection of letterpress samples. Recently we discovered the website of Amos Kennedy | We arranged to buy six of his posters. On the left is Jill’s favorite and on the right is Ray’s favorite from the six.

It is worth a special note about the envelope the posters came in. A wonderful piece in its own and essentially it was free. The postman said they get a lot of these at the end of the year when people are trying to get rid of their extra stamps. He called it “wallpapering.” I suspect this is more than just dumping the odd stamps. Note the return address (very top) and our address (very bottom). The Post Office probably doesn’t think this is as fun as we did.

Studio projects Friday January 19 2007 08:37 pm

Bright Orange Thread 2007 holiday keepsake

Bright Orange Thread approached us about producing a holiday keepsake for the start of 2007. The main image is a star formed as an accordion book with a holiday thought letterpressed the length of the paper (22″). A Bright Orange Thread is attached so it could be used as a tree ornament.

To highlight the BOT’s corporate colors we included a 1/4 pound bag of orange M&Ms with a few dark blue ones scattered throughout. Orange tissue, orange crinkled shred, and a BOT business card filled in the inside.

Outside the piece was wrapped in gloss orange wrapping paper with a dark blue bow. Nicely festive and strongly supporting the Bright Orange Thread identity.