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Monthly ArchiveFebruary 2007

Studio projects Sunday February 25 2007 08:41 pm

010 Secret poetry project

Can’t talk about it.

APA & Studio projects Sunday February 25 2007 08:40 pm

009 Wallflowers Press calling cards

As part of our joining APA we have to supply them with 155 3″ x 5″ proprietor cards introducing ourselves. We thought we would do it with an oversized business card. Our plan with APA is to print four pieces a year (supplied to all members) which will force us to experiment or innovate. This piece was designed to make us deal with registration. The piece is 5 colors and the registration is 1/4 point trapping. You can see a blow-up of the “W” above which is 1″ high.

Since we started with them we’ve changed our name to Lead Graffiti which required a new proprietor card.

Studio projects Friday February 16 2007 11:14 am

008 Valentine’s Day cards…

We printed a few Valentine’s day cards to send out. The red is handrolled and the graphic is a photopolymer plate.

Studio projects Sunday February 11 2007 09:49 pm

007 Dermot Reilly & Cliona Molony wedding invitation

Dermo started out as a good friend of Ray’s daughter, Terre, but has started to become a good family friend. When he and Cliona became officially engaged we wanted to contribute to the event by printing the invitation. This photo is Dermo photographing the stack of paper and the embossing that went on the three main pieces.

Terre, of TerreNation, designed the piece including an embossed folder which contained the invitation, map, RSVP card, outside envelope and RSVP envelope. The entire printing of the project occurred on Saturday, February 10 at Wallflowers Press. The wedding date was set for July 6, 2007 in Donegal, Ireland. Strangely enough Ray Nichols, who has charted his family’s geneology, has taken it back to 1670 to someone born in, strangely enough, Donegal, Ireland.

Studio projects Monday February 05 2007 04:40 pm

006 Thank you book for Melinda

A thank you book made for Melinda who let us stay in her charming Greenwich Village apartment over the weekend of Birthdayscape 2007 (see #005).

The cover of the 5.375″ x 6.75″ book is a Wallflowers Press pastepaper design with inside pages made of Arches. Endsheets are Canson paper to match the color of the spine.
Made in February 2007.

Studio projects Saturday February 03 2007 09:32 am

005 Valentines Day 2007 cards

Jill is always looking for a reason to make something. She often gets together with her friend Becky Herman to make gift tags and the like and yesterday it was Valentines Day cards for family members. Cardboard, wrapped in mulberry paper with the edges cut into fringe, rubberstamped with hearts, embellished with a particular ribbon we like, and voila. Would be great if we could figure out a way to do them in about 1/12 the time.