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Monthly ArchiveApril 2007

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 Saturday April 21 2007 09:32 am

Histories of Newark citizen number keepsake

One of the things we like about letterpress is producing objects that will help maintain memories. After each citizen gets photographed for The Histories of Newark book we give them a 3″ x 5″ card which tells them the number they were in the line. We are working to get at least 3,000. As I write this we are up to 935.

You can click on the category “Histories of Newark: 1758-2008″ to see some of the citizen photos.

inventory / important type Wednesday April 11 2007 11:13 am

30 line Extra Condensed wood type

A very nice font of wood type we just got off eBay. The type is 5″ high and contains both the uppercase and the lowercase characters in a dusty but very well preserved surface. Overall it covers a 30″ x 40″ area. Should be fun to print.

Studio projects Monday April 09 2007 06:16 pm

Clamshell box for “Ballet”

We have a wonderful book of photographs done by designer Alexey Brodovitch entitled Ballet. The book, only printed in an edition of 500, is in a slipcase which is in very tattered condition. Ray has been wanting to protect it better, so this weekend it was “let’s learn how to make a clamshell box.”

Just throwing this in 6 years later. Our copy of Ballet was included in a facsimile of the book so at the next clamshell workshop we offer Ray is going to remake the clamshell to include both books.

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 Monday April 09 2007 06:12 pm

Favorite citizen photos / week 2

We added another two hundred or so ‘citizens of Newark’ to what we hope to be a 212 foot-long strip of 1″ high photos. It was a bit of a slow weekend with Easter and also a weekend that was colder than Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. So much for global warming, I guess.

A hispanic group with perhaps someone’s father who played hard-to-get. After taking the rest of the group in two photos, he agreed. You can see his son(?) in the photo a second time.

Two young women who had just bought a nice historical poster. Kind of fit the occasion quite well.

We like it when people bring props and this quilt hit the spot. It was inscribed on the back in ink that looked like it was written yesterday and dated 1851. It had been in their family 155 years.

Three women doing the Abbey Road image. I kind of fell for it as I’ve really done the Abbey Road image in London.

Another person with props that say something about them. And yes, “War is gauche.”

Several people have gotten in front of the camera and asked what they could do. My pat response is, “Can you stand on your hands?” The answer has always been “No.” Except this time. It took three tries to get almost up.

The fourth time was a tad over-the-top so to speak. Here are the results on our white seamless. A bit of white duct tape and all was repaired.

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 Thursday April 05 2007 09:23 am

News Journal article / April 5, 2007

Wallflowers Press is designing a 300+ page book on the Histories of Newark: 1758-2008. We got a nice writeup in the Wilmington News Journal. The bike riders featured are worth a bit of the story.

As the ‘citizen photos’ part of the project was just getting started we hadn’t had a lot of publicity or word-of-mouth advertising happening. We had gotten the Wilmington News Journal to send down a reporter and a photographer on Friday, April 30 (our first day of shooting). They came at 5:00.

And it was dead at the photoshoot when the News Journal got there.

Ray was standing outside trying to find anyone to come in and be in a photograph. All of a sudden a group of about 25 bicyclists were coming down the street and holding up traffic. They took up the complete width of Main Street. Ray walked out and tried to talk with them while they rode by trying to get them to come in to do a photo. Not much enthusiasm for it at that point.

About 20 minutes later and our photoshoot was still just as dead the group circled back down the street in front of the building we were were holding the photoshoot. This time Ray went right out into the middle of the street to force them to listen to his story. “Be in the photograph and we’ll promote your cause.”

So they came in. We think the article pays off the promotion promise. Their group is called “Critical Mass.”

inventory / important type Wednesday April 04 2007 07:46 pm

Goudy Oldstyle, 60 point in metal

We are starting to get excited by Goudy. I wasn’t particularly fond of it as a designer, but as a letterpress printer it has a lot of appeal. Some letterforms are really quite nicely designed. Anyway, we got this one today.

inventory / miscellaneous Monday April 02 2007 09:54 am

Small eBay things - 4/1/07

This will likely start a new line of rock ‘n roll kid’s clothing for the upcoming granddaughter who will be named Attie Blu. Sounds like a good name for a clothing line. We’ve also started on developing a good book for parents to keep track of their children’s progress.

Jill is from West Texas so maybe we will start a line of Texas cards. “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Not sure about the frog, but Jill thought it was cute and the price was low.

inventory / important type Monday April 02 2007 09:51 am

New eBay wins to add to the inventory - 4/1/07

After two days of photographing citizens of Newark, Delaware for the Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 eBay offered a nice diversion with some new letterpress things for the studio.

42 point Garamond Outline in foundry type. We’ve never seen this before.

6 line Goudy Italic in wood. We’ve had Goudy in wood before but never the lowercase. Has some nice letters.

This woodtype looked like it would make some nice Copperplate initial caps somewhere.

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 & Studio projects Monday April 02 2007 05:49 am

Histories of Newark: citizens #0001-0100

The design we did for the Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 has a 1″ strip that we want to run through the middle every page of book to give the book an extra bit of humanity. Here is how it will look.

We are planning to photograph at least 3,000 citizens. Over the first day we got exactly 100 to agree. It might take us a bit of time to get the word out so it isn’t as much work to get people to participate. Here are 8 of our favorites from the first day of shooting.

We will be shooting at the former CVS building at 108 East Main Street in Newark from Noon - 8:00 pm every FRIDAY and SATURDAY through May 5. PLEASE come by and bring a group with you. Choir, fraternity, football team (uniforms would be great), Brownies troop, families, dogs, of course bikes, etc.

This was a group of activists riding through the streets of Newark on their bikes and rollerblades to heighten awareness for the need for alternatives to gasoline powered transportation.

We had a Wilmington News Journal reporter and photographer at our photoshoot and things were completely dead. No one. Then we see this group slowing down traffic (actually they were probably keeping up as well as anyone) and we flagged them down with the promise that “We can promote your cause.” It was a pretty amazing moment. We think the News Journal will do a story just on them.

We were giving out suckers so we just threw the bag in front of a group of four and they threw them in the air.

Anytime people were a couple we asked that they look like it. These two did that quite nicely.

A 4-H group was planting flowers in front of the Post Office just down the street and stopped in, wheelbarrows, shovels, petunias, dog and all.

“So, what can we do?” “We could jump.”

Two U of DE students stopped in right after their yoga class. A bit of talk and voila.

This guy had been hiking the Appalachian Trail and had fallen and had a serious buise he wanted to show us.

The last guy just had his iPod on and broke into an iPod commercial.

100 down. 2,900 to go.