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Monthly ArchiveMay 2007

Studio projects Sunday May 20 2007 07:47 pm

017 Windsor Drive block party invitation

Our nextdoor neighbor wanted to throw a block party and we immediately said, “We’ll print the invitation.”

. . . Size: 16″ x 11″

. . . Colors: 4

. . . Type: Bodoni Heavy, Stymie Bold, Stymie Condensed, Stymie Regular
. . . Press: Vandercook SP-15

We are experimenting with making our own wood type. The large letterforms are some of our first attempts at printing that type.

Studio projects Sunday May 20 2007 09:58 am

016 Attie Blu cards

This is a card we did for thank yous for our upcoming granddaughter Attie Blu Langley.

The AB was our first attempt at printing our own wood type that we had cut.

inventory / miscellaneous Tuesday May 15 2007 10:13 am

Interesting copywriting

Jill came across this yardstick in our studio. Someone definitely put some effort into the copywriting.

If you can’t read it, it says “Do not use for child control.”

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 Monday May 14 2007 07:56 am

Panorama of Newark, Delaware for ‘Histories’

We shot a panorama of Newark, Delaware and its surrounding countryside from the city’s reservoir. It took 70 images, the original is 165″ wide at 300 dpi, and weighs in at 728MB with layers still on.

Check it out.

Studio projects Sunday May 06 2007 02:28 pm

015 Haskell-Coppock wedding invitation

We punch holes the old fashioned way. We do them one at a time.

This was a nice project that will define the type of wedding invitation we are willing to get involved with. That is, the ones we get involved with. Great clients. Great subject (they are both runners). The hardest part was lacing and tying the ribbons.

inventory / important type Tuesday May 01 2007 09:05 pm

Type for printing textiles

On eBay we just bought this typography for what we believe is printing on textiles. We thought it would make a wonderful addition to our collection of typography.

The wood blocks are 2.75″ tall. The metal which is quite thin and is simply driven into the wood. It has kind of the same feel as on old printing cylinder for printing wallpaper which is often is metal outline driven into wood and then filled in with some kind of mortar.

We aren’t exactly sure how they work as they are not even close to the same type height to each other.

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 Tuesday May 01 2007 12:09 pm

Favorite citizen photos from 4/20 & 4/21

This was a great weekend with 529 citizens showing up to have their photos taken for the Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 book we are designing.

Our 19711 zip code and part of a larger photograph of citizens who protest the Iraq war every Friday from 5:00 - 6:00 pm at the corner of Main Street and South College Avenue.

When most people come in they ask, “What do you want us to do?” I often say, “Can you do a cartwheel?” Well this group could.

One of those wonderful moments when we had a fireman come in with his full gear on and an amazed 10-year old. Then the offer, “Want to try it on?” gave us a great photos. A group that came in ready to play. We shot this one with them lying down and there are two other really good ones of them. This family of breakdancers really got into the fun of the photoshoot. We should be so lucky every day.

Two more days of this sequence of events we’ve been doing for the past five Fridays and Saturdays.