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Monthly ArchiveAugust 2007

Studio projects & trips Thursday August 30 2007 08:29 pm

019 keepsakes for a William Morris Society garden party

These are keepsakes we made for a gathering of members of the William Morris Society to remember the event. Keepsakes are one of our favorite things to produce with letterpress.

The William Morris Society gathered at the home of artist and landscape architect, Judy Hanks-Henn, on Saturday, August 25th for a tour of her Morris-influenced home. Following are a few photos of the gathering and her home.

Studio projects Wednesday August 29 2007 11:21 am

Studio update

We got the place painted so the electrician can finish the wall plugs and the heater.

The color scheme is two greens (left is light and the right is dark green) which basically match the colors of the two leaves on our calling card.

We plan on using the left wall as an exhibition space. Cutting in around the top edge was frightening with the top at about 18 feet.

The rooms in the back left are our paper / cutter room (8 x 10 feet) and a bathroom.