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Monthly ArchiveOctober 2007

APA & Studio projects Friday October 05 2007 06:20 am

Halloween card

Essentially this was another APA project although we printed some extras to mail to friends.

The APA is a group limited to 150 members and each member must print 150 copies of something (some people go to a lot of trouble and others go to a lot less) which is sent to the ‘mailer’ who distributes all of the submissions into packages and mails them to each member. So in practice there are 150 members x 4 projects divided by 12 months which means that every month you get an average of 50 printing samples.We’ve been playing with the idea of doing a set of pieces that only concern the use of color. The image we’ve chosen to use is is a photograph of us from a letterpress workshop we did in Oxford, England in 2004 which uses a large halftone screen.

In this instance we made it a Halloween card so we printed black on orange paper. The inside of the card says “May the black arts be good to you on this All Hallows Eve.”

This is a one inch square from Jill’s eye showing the halftone.

Title: Halloween Card 2007
Size: A6 (6.25″ x 4.5″)
Inks: one color / two sides
Production: photopolymer
Press: Vandercook SP-15

APA & Studio projects Wednesday October 03 2007 06:01 pm

APA Member’s Calendar 2008 (March & September)

The first of two recent projects were two calendar pages for the 2008 APA member’s calendar.

While experimenting with the typography for September Jill discovered that if you divide the word into three lines of three letters the middle column is all ‘e’s. That plus a maple leaf and you had a nice fall month. The highlighted days are Labor Day, Jill’s birthday (September 11), and the Autumnal Equinox.

For March Ray’s used the dictionary image of the word ‘mar’. There has been a bothersome discussion going on on the LetPress listserv with a lot of ‘printers’ whining about new people to letterpress using too much impression. Sometimes letterpress is really nice BECAUSE you can push the type down into the paper. Starting in the third line of the definition Ray has written “This page is not marred b the depth of the impression acting as tone-of-voice between the ink and the paper.” We aren’t sure how many people will actually read it.

Then in the dictionary the definition is nicely followed by “Mar., March.”

Title: APA calendar (March / September)
Size: 5.5″ x 8″
Inks: three colors / one side
Production: photopolymer
Press: Vandercook SP-15

important equipment Monday October 01 2007 06:43 am

The iron handpress has landed

Well, after our most adventurous effort to recondition anything we’ve ever owned, on Friday, September 28th we installed the 1869 Hoe Washington #5 iron handpress into our new studio.

We still expect a bit of work getting everything aligned, but after an hour’s work it appeared to be pretty close.

Click here to see a longer explanation and a lot of photos of the moving and installation process.