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Monthly ArchiveNovember 2007

Studio projects & honors, awards, media & news Friday November 16 2007 11:28 pm

Steven Heller’s New Vintage Type

Steven Heller and Gail Anderson have come out with a new book entitled New Vintage Type. Five letterpress pieces produced by Ray and Jill, except as noted, through Raven Press at the University of Delaware were included. There may have been students involved I cannot remember at this point. If you read this and were involved drop me an email and I’ll correct the credits below.

From the top left clockwise:

1) The cover of New Vintage Type by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson.

2) Program for the International Association for Robin Hood Studies
held at the University of Delaware, produced by Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher, 14″ x 22″, 40 copies, 2005.

Book caption: MORRIS AND HIS CIRCLE—Raymond Nichols reports that William Morris and the Kelmscott Press were the prime influences here, particularly in the illuminated initials. The main typeface, Troy, named after The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye, was designed by Morris in the Arts and Crafts aesthetic of the mid-nineteenth century.

3) Poster for Black Maria Film & Video Festival
held at the University of Delaware, produced by Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher, 14″ x 22″, 40 copies, 2005.

Book caption: THAT HANDMADE LOOK—Black Maria Film & Video Festival is a film festival where many of the films being shown have a handmade look. “We thought letterpress would best represent that,” explains Raymond Nichols. The distressed slap serif type evokes the ad hoc sensibility, while setting it against the white background keeps it from being too musty.

4) Poster for Steven Heller lecture
(book’s author) for a talk he gave to Visual Communications at the University of Delaware, produced by Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher, 19.5″ x 30.5″, 25 copies 2005

Book caption: SCALE IS EVERYTHING—Raymond Nichols and Jill Cypher credit Hatch Show Print posters for inspiration. “We wanted the poster to look human because I think Steven {Helleer” comes off like that.” (Little did they know.”

5) Poster for Battle of the Bands for South Africa Aids Awareness Week
produced by Sarah Rosenthal, Courtney Bowditch, and Ray Nichols, 24″ x 18″, 40 copies, 2005.

Book caption: THE GOLD STANDARD—The Hatch Show Print posters are the gold standard of vernacular concert and fai bills. This poster may have been influenced by Hatch, but the University of Delaware print shop has developed its own hybrid of vintage and contemporary style.

6) Poster for Art Happens 2
an exhibition of graduate students in the Department of Fine Arts & Visual Communications, produced by Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, David Huynh and Louis Flanigan, 22″ x 14″, 40 copies, 2004

Book caption: LOTS OF WOOD—Actual vintage woodtypes are at the core of Raven Press’s design activity. If an entire alphabet is not available in the same point size, then they mix and match to get an aesthetically pleasing result. This is one of the main small jobs the Press handles for the University of Delaware. While it uses types of the past the design is of the present.

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 & Studio projects Friday November 16 2007 11:05 pm

Histories of Newark is becoming a book…

The printer has about half a day of printing to finish the text block part of the book. Then the endsheets. Then the dust jacket. This is the typography for the title. The typeface is Rivoli designed by dftype in The Netherlands.

Here are two of the final spreads that we like.

The book has a couple of interesting elements as far as we are concerned. First is a rough fore edge (front edge of the book). We’ve deliberately incorporated page creep into the the book by nesting three eight-page signatures so the edges are not in alignment. Then we don’t trim them. We only trim the top and bottom of the book.

Each of the three nested eight-page signatures start with a Vanilla color signature then two white signatures. That way the colors of the pages jump back and forth 24 times throughout the book. We thought it would give the book a bit more of aged quality. The paper is uncoated, but pretty smooth. Duotones are done in black and PMS 547 (see the captions above) in a 175 line screen. We wanted the citizen band across the middle to have the people very recognizable.

The hard back is black using two foil-stamped colors (silver and dull grey) to mimic the colors on the silver coin which has been imaged to be shiny and tarnished the way a coin might be.

We are also excited to be doing a full dust jacket that folds at the top and bottom which we hope will add a nice finished touch to the book.

Don Rash, a nationally known bookbinder, will be producing a dozen leather bound copies. These will also include on of the George II coins along with ephemera produced during the project.

We hope to have books by December 6 for a December 7 booksigning.

For a guy that thought he was out of the design world this has turned out to be a pretty serious design project.

Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 Monday November 05 2007 12:53 pm

Histories of Newark - DESIGNED

So after eleven months of work we get to the end of the Histories of Newark: 1758-2008. We were using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of each of the stages for each of the 288 pages. Once they all got green it was done except for the final proofreading.

So there you have it. Due at the printer tomorrow.