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Monthly ArchiveJanuary 2008

trips Monday January 28 2008 09:13 am

Paul Moxon Vandercook maintenance workshop

Over the weekend of January 26th & 27th Ray attended a Vandercook maintenance workshop at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Springs, Maryland. A nice group of twelve excited attendees participated in taking two Vandercooks (4 & Universal I) apart to see the innerworkings and to understand how to maintain the equipment which is getting harder and harder to come by.

Jill spent the weekend starting her education on how to produce linoleum cuts and woodcuts with Washington, D.C. letterpress artist Chris Manson.

Overall, one of the most pleasant weekends in a while.

trips Thursday January 17 2008 08:50 am

January 17 / Happy 302nd to Benjamin Franklin

Jill and I celebrated Benjamin Franklin’s birthday (a day early) by visiting the Grolier Club in New York City and their wonderful exhibition of his printing work. Fabulous show. It really makes us wonder how much will be around that is worth holding to from today’s world in 200 years. What will a paper ephemera show display in then. I can see a booth selling CitiBank emails.
With so much important stuff being handled digitally it really makes me want to try to help companies and people produce things that are worth saving.
Via letterpress, of course.

Studio projects Sunday January 13 2008 05:58 am

Allen Ginsberg > Jack Kerouac letter

Lead Graffiti contributed pastepaper-covered hardcovers to the publishing of a 1955 letter entitled “If Not Forever: A Letter to Jack Kerouac” by poet Allen Ginsberg. The twelve-page booklet was published by Sore Dove Press in San Francisco and printed by Bill Roberts, Bottle of Smoke Press in Dover, Delaware. Publisher Soheyl Dahi wanted to include twenty-six deluxe copies to accompany the trade edition.

Lead Graffiti was asked to “help” with the binding which was done completely spontaneously. They walked in and needed 26 covers. The only way we could think of doing it in one afternoon was to simply grab from our inventory of Lead Graffiti pastepapers to make a folio so the single-signature books could be sewn in.

After about 5 hours we had the 26 different covers. Really wish we had a photo of them in the San Francisco book store all spread out on the shelves. One of those days you could judge a book by its cover.

Here are a two more photos from the process.

The covers at this point above have been wrapped with the pastepaper and Jill is preparing to glue the black cloth spines to the hardcovers. An end cover sheet will be glued to the backs of the covers.

The image above shows about 8 covers being pressed under bricks while drying.