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Monthly ArchiveFebruary 2008

inventory / important type Tuesday February 26 2008 11:14 am

Ned Heite’s type collection

When I was teaching at the University of Delaware Bill Deering and I talked with Ned Heite of Camden, Delaware about his type collection. Ned seemed interested in donating it to Raven Press at the University of Delaware, but there were too many strings attached for us to be able to accommodate his wishes.

Ned passed away on April 17, 2007 at the age of 66. His type collection was willed to a family member. They contacted Bill who contacted Ray who bought the collection you see below.

The collection consisted of 230 cases of type spread over 14 cabinets and another 101 galleys of various type, spacing and leading. It will be fun to go through it and see what ends up being there.

When we first started talking with Ned about acquiring the collection one of the typefaces that most intrigued us was one put out by American Type Founders called ‘Satanick.’ ATF had approached printer William Morris of the Kelmscott Press in London, England, and the designer of the typeface, Troy, to see about producing it for commercial purposes. Supposedly, William Morris told them to “Go to Hell.” So, they did it anyway and apparently in a moment of whimsey named the typeface ‘Satanick.’

Sometime soon we will get around to putting a photo of it with this post.

Studio projects Tuesday February 26 2008 10:59 am

Inside 120 Sandy Drive studio space

Here are a few photos of the ’starting to get finished’ inside of our new studio.

At the point this photo was taken we had painted a clear sealer on half of the floor and were just starting to move over the first of the type cabinets. Honestly, it won’t bother us if we don’t have to move these many more times.

This is Jill standing amongst the equipment we needed to move to the finished floor side.

Once it all got moved over we could start working on the other half of the floor.