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Monthly ArchiveMarch 2008

workshops Monday March 31 2008 05:13 am

Workshop for tensomethings

When we were looking for a studio space we wanted there to be plenty of space for letterpress printing AND plenty of workshop space. One of the things we would love to be actively involved in is running workshops for younger people to both get them interested in books, but also to help develop hand skills which we think are disappearing with the computer.

Click here for more photos and more of the story.

type & Lettering Monday March 24 2008 10:45 pm

A pretty serious typo

We are working with Paul Bauernschmidt and Paper Mill Partners to devise a plan to utilize the land formerly occupied by Curtis Paper here in Newark, Delaware. Jill, Paul and Ray took a drive to Lancaster, PA to see a park to help us generate ideas. While there we saw this typo.

Upon closer inspection (indicated at the top of the arrow) you can see where the stone carver must have reversed the “sh” and then corrected it by simply reworking the stone which isn’t exactly like using Command-Z. Hmmm.

workshops Monday March 10 2008 07:23 am

DCAD handset metal type composition workshop

Lead Graffiti had its first opportunity to sponsor a workshop on Wednesday, March 5 when sixteen Delaware College of Art & Design students with professor John Breakey visited us in our new 120 Sandy Drive studio space.

Prior to the visit Jill and Ray produced fifty sheets using the handrolled type “DCAD” and “TYPE” which was used as the background for the 13″ x 20″ poster.

John had chosen two quotes for the students to handset using metal type. We chose Melior from the Stempel Foundry in Germany, ranging from 18 point to 60 point. Each student chose a line to set. Once we had all of the type for each poster we demonstrated the makeready and locking in the type and then let each student pull three copies to get the feel of the Vandercook SP-15 we used for the printing.

The following day Jill and Ray set the explanatory text at the bottom listing all of the participants and some details about the project which was printed as a third run to complete the poster.

The quotes:

“Typography has one plain duty before it and that is to convey information in writing. No argument or consideration can absolve tpograhy from this duty. A printed work that cannot be read becomes a product without purpose.” — Emil Ruder

“Because a private press is a personal and individual thing, the tradition is strong that each press should have its own special name, and that a name belongs to whom ever uses it first.” —

Once they had ample opportunity to dry, the posters, were delivered to DCAD and the students could choose their copy.

Overall, a great day. We hope the students enjoyed themselves.

Studio projects Sunday March 09 2008 05:18 pm

Yileen Press book band and broadside

Tammy Wenzel and Jennifer Parisi of Yileen Press are publishing a book of Sherpa poetry entitled On a Donkey’s Back. They found our website, introduced themselves, and asked if we could connect on projects. We were excited by their initiative and have agreed to print a bookband to wrap around the approximate 90-page book and a broadside that will be included to create a few deluxe copies of the book.

As a thank you they gave us one of the original paintings used to illustrate poems in the book.

Here is the story on the artist for this piece.

Binod Guru is a man who is very lucky to be alive. Born into a lower cast in the Dhading District of Central Nepal, hearing impaired and poor, his life was a destined for hard labor. As with many in his position Mr. Guru soon began hauling heavy loads up the mountains of Nepal as a porter.

On one trip, after becoming ill, Binod was relieved of his load only to be left by the side of the trail to die. After hours of extreme exposure he was found by a passing trekking group who assisted him to the safety of a nearby village. Too late to save the majority of his hands and feet, which required amputation due to frostbite, Binod was stranded many days walk from him family and village. It took nearly two years before his strength was restored and he was able to make the long journey home – to a family that had little to no word about his condition for the previous years.

Today, Binod works in the coffee shop located within the volunteer center run by the Mountain Fund in Katmandu. Unstable and hindered by a horrible limp, Binod no longer is able to carry the heavy loads but instead paints dramatic scenes that depicts the mountains areas he once serviced as a porter. Beautiful watercolors depict village scenes, mountain passes along with various views of the mountains that were once the workplace for this inspiring man.

One of those projects you are happy to be connected with.

Studio projects Sunday March 09 2008 05:08 pm

APHA Chesapeake Chapter / Government Printing Office keepsake

Lead Graffiti printed a keepsake for the dozen Chesapeake Chapter members who participated in a tour of the Government Printing Office in Washington, D.C.

The event was held on Thursday, February 28. Click here to see some photos related to the event.

Studio projects Sunday March 09 2008 05:07 pm

APHA / Chesapeake Chapter annual meeting keepsake

Lead Graffiti printed a keepsake for the Chesapeake Chapter members who attended the annual business meeting which was held at Chapter President Mike Denker’s house on Saturday, January 19th.

It happened to coincide with Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday.

Click here to see a few photos of the event.