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Monthly ArchiveDecember 2008

Studio projects Wednesday December 10 2008 04:16 pm

“Rethinking 2009″ New Years cards

Hopefully, 2009 is a year of change for a lot of reasons. We’d like to take the opportunity to bring this idea into our letterpress studio.

Lead Graffiti is printing cards by digging into our recycling pile. With a little help from our friends we have been collecting chipboard box packaging (cereal, soft drinks, etc.) which we then cut up into roughly 7″ x 5″ pieces. We overprint with silver as shown in the images below.

Some of the cards are cut out of larger boxes which allows us to cut the cards without having any of the box’s folds and some include a fold or two. Some of the cardboard is less than perfectly flat. For instance, the bottoms of 12-packs of soft drinks often show the round bottoms / tops, which are actually our favorite ones.

As the board is fairly thick, it may require the regular 42¢ postage.

The backside has a short bit of text about rethinking and a credit line to Lead Graffiti.

$2.00 each while supplies last (about 200 as we write this, and production is continuing).


          TLC cereal bars

          Vanilla Wafers

          Wheat Thins

If you live close by, we need your boxes and it would be nice if you would rip apart the glued edge and have the box completely flat.

Even past this New Year season we have some plans for similar cards and would love for you and your friends to save these boxes for us.

Studio projects Wednesday December 03 2008 01:33 pm

Everyday notecards

We love going out to the studio and ‘letterpressing from the hip.’ Just look around for an image, maybe a typeface you’ve wanted to use but never got around to, and then just let things happen. Here are are two recent ones that might offer our readers an idea for the holidays.

The two on the left show versions of the handrolling we do directly on the paper to start. Typically, Jill and I will work together, each of us with a couple of colors. She was using a green and yellow and I was working with silver. Each sheet is set up to print two cards and Jill will roll and pass the card to me. Typically we will do about 100 sheets (200 cards).

In these cards we are using brackets (we have about 20 nice pairs) with Adagio Initials. We have about five very nice calligraphic faces that make nice initials or could work with short names. These are for Jill’s mother.

The two cards on the right use a wonderful image of a wheelbarrow that I bought for Jill a year or so ago off of eBay for about $12 as I remember. It is an electrotype from a wood engraving. Again she is using a set of brackets to set off the image. The line under the wheelbarrow says “How does your garden grow?” and is handset in Lutecia Italic, a font we have from Mike Kaylor’s collection.

The cards are A2 and come in sets of 8 for $15 or we can put them in a nice box for an additional $3.00. Shipping is $2.00. We can put any initials on the card. The cards will have the same general feel to them, but we can use different colors, different handrolling techniques, etc. as we flow through the process.