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Monthly ArchiveMay 2009

Studio projects Sunday May 10 2009 01:52 pm

David & Erica wedding invitation

Just finished up a wedding invitation for Lead Graffiti friends, David (designed the invitation) and Erica. We did a bit along the deckle edge we though some of you might be interested in.

If you stack up the paper with just an 1/8″ of the deckle showing, you can roll ink across the ends of the sheets (the deckle on top will create a rough inside edge on the sheet below so it doesn’t look mechanical) to add a bit of contrast. On these invitations we actually did this to both sides and both ends of the invite. The RSVP end shown above folded back to the inside so you could see the back of the sheet.

The RSVP was perforated and included as part of the one-piece invite which we like. Making the receiver tear off the RSVP turns it into a very deliberate act. We are aware that many people like keeping the invite intact so they photocopy it to send it in. We like that second way also as it adds value to the invite as a keepsake.

To make sure of a clean perforation with no ‘hanging chads’ we use a second sheet underneath.

Here is the final announcement.

Studio projects Thursday May 07 2009 11:13 am

Apostrophes and exclamation points

Here’s a good example of two of the things we like about letterpress—typography and spontaneity.

Tray wanted to do a rather wide Mother’s Day card for a couple of special people in his life. He printed the card as a work and turn to get a more solid grip with our Vandercook Universal III. He will fold it into five panels. He grabbed one of our favorite wood faces, arranging it along a chaotic baseline.

This is what things looked like after printing.

Alas, our type has no apostrophe. BUT there is this broken lowercase T set back the corner of the case that will work (see it below). And as long as you are ending it in an exclamation point you might as well add a bit of typographic flair (also see that below).

We love the process of discovery that often makes pieces so different. Just harder to stumble upon wonderful accidents on the computer and far less fun when you actually have an apostrophe. Nicely done.

Studio projects Monday May 04 2009 04:46 pm

Metropolitan Opera Certificate of Authenticity

Some projects just have a special quality about them.

We at Lead Graffiti print all of the Metropolitan Opera’s letterpress cards for their retail store. The Met recently went through a renovation of the chandeliers that hang throughout their Lincoln Center facility. Some were beyond repair, so they are selling them in clusters like the one shown below down to individual crystals. The bag is made from an old curtain that hung over the stage and does it feel nice?

We were asked to print the Certificate of Authenticity which is signed by the head of the Met Opera Archive. It was printed in three colors on 220# Crane Lettra with an envelope that is blind debossed.

We recently stopped in and got the the chance to finally shoot a photograph of a sample. I believe the price for this one was $1,500. A nice project.