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Monthly ArchiveJuly 2009

Studio projects Friday July 03 2009 10:43 am

States United

We printed via letterpress “States United” for Greg Beauchamp a couple months ago, but wanted to wait until they were on his Etsy site before mentioning it. The print is 18″ x 24″. In case you are wondering the states are in the proper proportion to each other. Delaware (where we are) is about at 9:30 on the outside edge.

States United print

States United print

The prints hanging after we printed them.

States United print

The copperplates we used to print the piece.

Special thanks to Ben Thoma who connect Greg to Lead Graffiti.

Studio projects Wednesday July 01 2009 07:24 am

Card portfolio boxes

Jill has a wonderful self-imposed task for the end of most of our jobs. Right now there is about an 12″ stack of makeready sheets that just get added to after each job. No order. No plan.

Typically, we will grab a stack of 10 - 15 of the pieces out of the middle which are almost always varying sizes and just run them through with the new image. Sometimes sideways. Sometimes arranged to hit in blank areas. Sometimes they overprint.

Then Jill will grab the inking rollers (we often add ink to our presses using a roller and not an ink knife as it spreads the ink quicker or we also do a lot of handrolling so loaded rollers are just sitting there) and start to ink over top of the makeready sheets. These layers build up over time. Sometimes there can be 20 layers and sometimes 3.

Here are a few of the sheets.

makeready sheets

Upper left is a sheet when we were making the textural images that go along the left side of our website. Lower right is from the 2008 APHA keepsake.

We’ve been wanting to do something with these sheets—maybe postcards by just cutting them out and letting the image fall where it falls, maybe notecards, maybe the backs of business cards.

We had been talking about building boxes to hold portfolios of our cards and we thought it might be interesting to make the paper using the same technique to cover the boxes. The image wouldn’t likely be so random, but we could make enough of them to be useful. We set out to make 12 boxes. We’ll keep 2 and send out 10. This is how they came out.

portfolio boxes

Here is a closeup showing the inside of the finished boxes.

portfolio boxes

There is little concern for having the tops and bottoms of the boxes match.

The paper is white Mohawk 100# Cover which has been wrapped around panels of a gold matboard. The divider sheets will have a tab and will not be these colors. We are also including a copperplate of our logo / copyright / statement that we print on the backs of our cards in the front of the box.

We would love to figure out a way to have these boxes made in bulk as they had a wonderful, textural surface. But getting that takes time.