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Monthly ArchiveJanuary 2010

events Sunday January 31 2010 11:19 pm

Grand Army rumbles into Lead Graffiti

Grand Army

The Wieden + Kennedy Attack guys of Grand Army occupied Lead Graffiti for a weekend long letterpress experiment with fun. Ephemera happened. Ink happened. Wood type happened. A boatload of leading and furniture happened. Hopefully some equality will happen, but that is for a later post.

a bit of teaser: images from the printing (then next to see the images)

a bit of film: GrandArmy x Star Wars

final result of the effort: Manifest Equality

As the image of the official Lead Graffiti ‘Stormtrooper printer’s devil’ (aka Tray Nichols / TK4251) has spread like a virus across the internet we thought we would add an image to this post to provide a little credit where credit is due.

stormtrooper tk4251

Studio projects Saturday January 30 2010 12:29 am

Our Scribble cards on CTS TV in Ontario, Canada

CTS TV in Ontario, Canada produced a nice segment on the show Real Life about our Scribble cards. The show opens with four of the cards sitting on the table.

CTSTV Scribble cards

If you’d like to take a look at the show click here.

Below is a photo we took of the cards before we sent them.

Scribble cards

We believe they saw our mention in

film Friday January 29 2010 08:48 am

Video & audio programs related to letterpress

We are going to use this blog entry to link to video & audio programs we find interesting that explain or show letterpress. As I find them I tend to just put them at the top of the list.

Gutenberg: In the Beginning Was the Printer / BBC presentation from their series Germany: Memories of a Nation | 15:00

Part 1: Printing Matrix 27 / John Randle & The Whittington Press | 21:36 (shows them casting type with a Monotype and printing on a Heidelberg cylinder press)
Part 2: Mirium Macgregor | 7:21 (shows the wood engraving process)
Two films on The Whittington Press. You can see their type casters running. Slow starting up.

Making Books | 1957 | 9:54
Lead Graffiti has an Intertype line caster like shown in the film.

Men at Work: Making Books | n.d. | 9:59
A film produced by the AFL-CIO of the bookmaking process.

Studio on Fire: Deeply Impressed | 12:53
Video on Studio on Fire.

Punchcutting type series by Stan Nelson
1 - Punchcutting at the Atelier Press & Letterfoundry | 7:16 |
2 - Hardening Punches & Striking Matrices | 5:16 |
3 - Casting Type at the Atelier Press & Letterfoundry | 3:22 |
4 - Dressing type | 4:38 |
5 - Assembling a French style mould / 72 point | 2.22
A very nice series of films that walks you through the 500-year old process of punchcutting and handcasting of metal type.

Mad for Books | 5:52
An excellent production about the excitement of letterpress.

American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print | 8:01
Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN

Hamilton Type Museum | 6:34
Trailer for the film Type Face. Nice section on making wood type.

Boxcar training videos
Base lockup and cleaning | Adjusting roller height | Setting gauge pins and registering your plate | Makeready

Pictorial Webster’s: Inspiration to Completion | 7:56
From the discovery of the 1898 International Dictionary to linotyping the entries to printing the last print on the vandercook to cutting the fingertabs of the deluxe edition, this video gives a quick overview of the process of creating the Pictorial Webster’s fine press edition.

Alan Kitching at the Typography Workshop: Part 1 / Eye Magazine | 2:05 | Part 2 | 2:32 | Part 3 | 2:51
Jill’s and my first hands-on experience with letterpress was with Alan on our 2002 VCUK studio abroad to London. Meeting him changed our lives.

Learning to Set Type: how to use a composing stick | 10:20

Cutting metal type | 3:02
Trailer for an film Richard Kegler, founder and lead designer at P22 type foundry, is working on about cutting metal type.

How Ink Is Made | 8:44
This is for offset ink, but then a lot of us also use offset inks in letterpress.

Final Marks: The Art of the Carved Letter | 49:17
While not specifically about letterpress this is seriously about lettering. Since it was produced in 1978, Final Marks has become a classic documentary about lettercutting, in both monumental inscriptions and on gravestones by the craftsmen of the John Stevens Shop in Newport, Rhode Island.

Learning Typesetting | 10:21
A film from 1959 showing how to do handsetting of type using metal type and a composing stick.

Printing | 10:41
How the business of printing worked in 1947.

Graham Moss of Incline Press | 25:30
Printing on a Britannia iron handpress.

Dodge Ram Trucks | :30
Television commercial using the imagery of letterpress printing

Thornwillow Press | 3:25
Nice film. No explanation but there is engraving, envelope making, and a lot more.

Yee Haw Industries and Jack Daniels | 2:54
A piece about Yee Haw and the 10 posters they did for Jack Daniels.

Tether | 4:02
A nice, little film about Tether in Seattle, WA and the niceness of the handmade.

Somebody | 12:00
A nice 1976 film about commercial handmade paper at Hayle Mill, England.

Upside Down, Left to Right: A Letterpress Film | 7:40
A film from Plymouth University in the UK.

Studio projects & events & workshops Wednesday January 20 2010 07:12 am

Philadelphia University creative letterpress workshop

Six wonderfully aggressive graphic design seniors from Philadelphia University took it upon themselves to set up a Creative Letterpress workshop with Lead Graffiti on Saturday, January 9. We wanted to set up a group project that really let them see how letterpress worked and also might provide them with a piece they could use in their portfolio.

Each student was let loose in our wood and metal type collection to develop a spread about typography or design. They also each set their name in large metal type. These pages were printed on three different colors along with a cover called “Textiments.” After the workshop Lead Graffiti bound the three signatures together. Each student got three copies of the book with their spread as the center of the opening signature.

Philadelphia University workshop

Studio projects Thursday January 14 2010 04:18 pm, a very cool and really well written blog picked up on our scribble cards. If you are a mom this is a good place to look around.

Check out their post.

We suspect this item alerted CTSTV in Ontario to the cards.