National Stationery Show booth

We are headed to the 2010 National Stationery Show which is being held at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City. The flurry of final details was fun and the image above is our booth set up in our studio the day before we drove up for set up.

National Stationery Show signage

We just finished doing our handrolled signage (shown above) from some wood type in our collection for our lines of cards. They will add a nice texture and information to the Lead Graffiti booth.

We are excited to see if there is interest this year in some of our new offerings.

Monograms - write like you mean it
Tag. You’re it. - 12 cards to swap with a penpal
Boxcards - what goes around comes back more fun
Just My Type - type with a splash of surprise
Woodcuts - sow, reap, eat, drink & write
Hands Up - applause for life’s little victories

Obviously, we’d love to have stores selling greeting cards stop by, but we’d also love to meet people from other letterpress shops.

Jill, Ray, Tray, and Terre will be holding down the fort. Lead Graffiti is in booth 2767.