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Monthly ArchiveJune 2010

Studio projects Saturday June 12 2010 12:30 am

GreerChicago and our Boxcards

One of our new accounts we gained at the 2010 National Stationery Show was GreerChicago. Not only did they really like our Boxcards, but ordered a plate and we created a “Chicago TRASH” version that you can see in the foreground below printed on Coca Cola packaging.

They even bought some New York City TRASH cards. Hmmm. Sounds like a bit of card rivalry.

How cool is this display? We’ve got our own table with metal wires and magnets to hold the cards. Most of the time you expect your cards to just take up one of the ‘card cells’ on a wall of cards.

This is just plain nice. Now we need to figure out something nice to do back.

You can see GreerChicago’s website here.

Studio projects Thursday June 03 2010 08:36 am


Lead Graffiti welcomes its first intern, Garrett, a 4th-year graphic design major at Maryland Institute College of Art. Garrett started at the Delaware College of Art & Design where he took a Lead Graffiti Creative Letterpress workshop with his professor John Breakey. He followed that up with a Chandler & Price platen workshop and seems as though he found an interest.

Garrett MICA intern

He jumped in on day one helping us fold and sleeve some of our greeting cards to fulfill orders we had received from the National Stationery Show. We think he wore the shirt for Ray and we played a number of LZ (we considered calling our studio Lead Zeppelin for a while) albums over the day to celebrate.

We hope we can make it a great experience and that it will help his portfolio.

Studio projects Wednesday June 02 2010 07:51 am


Our Lead Graffiti Boxcards got the most attention at the National Stationery Show.

boxcards national stationery show

Printed on recycled boxes from packaged goods the front image has a nice randomness.

Want to help us by saving your packages? Get in touch and we’ll tell you what we are looking for and how to best preserve them.