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Monthly ArchiveMay 2011

Studio projects Sunday May 22 2011 11:55 am

Lead Graffiti pastepaper workshop

We had a nice Lead Graffiti workshop on pastepaper and came up with a few nice new looks. Can’t wait to pull out 5 or 6 and experiment with those as a starting point. Here is a sampling of five interesting ones.

We do a lot of Creative Letterpress workshops with design students where we produce a book and we typically use our pastepaper for the covers. Here is an example of one of those 4″ x 5″ books from a recent workshop.

It is a great workshop for kids as the process is quite a bit like finger painting.

Studio projects Sunday May 15 2011 01:00 pm

Marbling workshop at Philadelphia Center for the Book

Jill and Ray took a fun workshop lead by Val Wells at the Philadelphia Center for the Book on May 14. Marbling is a process of dropping paint (acrylic in our case) on a fluid carageenan surface, drawing with stylus, rake, and comb, then laying down a treated paper to transfer the design. Val has exhibited albums and journals which feature her original marbled papers at craft fairs throughout the Northeast.  She has studied bookbinding and marbling since 1985, completing a BA in book arts.

Here is a photo of Val setting up a demo with Jill anxiously looking on.

Three examples from Jill’s experiments.

And three of Ray’s

While we were watching the opening demo it seemed like all of the mystique about marbling was going to dissolve. It turned out you could make something that at least had some interesting parts. What was impossible was trying to do something and then having that happen.

Great fun and we encourage anyone with an interest in bookmaking