Here is a photo of the 23 posters in 23 days we created in our Tour de Lead Graffiti project. Each day after lunch we would hang the one from the previous day that we had used for scanning.

Tour de Lead Graffiti

Click on the image if you want to see a 1440 pixel wide version. This one is 512 pixels wide.

This is Ray talking about the sensation. Jill might have a very different take on this.

It was an interesting phenomenon putting them up. For the first 4 days when I put the poster up I could feel the four days of effort. On the 5th day it felt like maybe a half day was added. Each day after that the ’sense’ of how much work it had been did not change. At day 10 it still felt like 4 or so days work. The wall was filling up, but there was a disconnect between the actual work that must have been expended and my memory of that work. Same was still true at 15 and 20 days. It was like someone had sneaked in and slipped extra posters into the display. That continued up until #22. I’m not sure I truly felt like how much work it had been or that I could just sense the light at the end of the tunnel. #23 was a long day. The next day when I got up with nothing to do, it was a strange feeling like you can have when you get on a plane in Philadelphia and fly to London. You get off the plane and you are still you, but something is very, very different.