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Studio projects Wednesday February 22 2012 01:29 pm

Craig Cutler / day 2

I had to put a couple of images from Craig Cutler’s second day of shooting for his CC52 project.

Above is Craig arranging a bunch of woodtype ampersands and Craig, with Jeff assisting, balanced over his 4 x 5.

This was the final shot of Craig (second from left) shooting a killer portrait of our Intertype. The outcome was stunning. Nice that he didn’t ask us to move the 3,400 pound beauty. That’s Tre (pronouced tray) to the right and Tray in the middle. Always nice to have two Tray’s in the studio at the same time.

The Polaroids looked great. We can’t wait to see the finishes of the whole event.

Any VC grads out there that want to get together at the show’s opening in Manhattan in the middle of May? Would be nice to see some old faces.

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