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Monthly ArchiveApril 2012

Studio projects Monday April 23 2012 01:56 pm

CC52 / week 52

Craig Cutler pulled out all of the stops on his final week of his year-long series of weekly personal photography projects. Lead Graffiti contributed some heavily debossed work in the form of a flipbook. The sheets were photographed at a very low light angle which really accented the depth. Here are two frames from the film.

Lead Graffiti’s contribution run from 1:34 - 1:46, 2:02 - 2:11, and 2:17 - 2:25 in the 3.48 film. Really nice to see what a conceptual photographer does when you just hand them some typography made via letterpress. Putting it into film ramps even that up another 5 notches. A killer end to what must have been a grueling test of creative endurance.

Tray and Ray got the chance to go up and spend a day at Fast Ashley’s while a number of the studio segments for the final film were shot. When you’ve got New York City firefighters blocking a street and blasting water through the sheet metal you know something’s happening.

Studio projects Monday April 23 2012 01:03 pm

Crossing 500 Lead Graffiti workshop participants

This weekend we crossed our 500th Lead Graffiti workshop participant with a ‘creative’ letterpress book project. We went to a bit of extra trouble to preprint the numbers in handrolled color.

We had been thinking about a workshop that used quotes starting with numbers where we would have six participants and everyone would get a spread

One must love a cat on its own terms. ~ Peter Gray

Two people kissing always look like fish. ~ Andy Warhol

Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do. ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

“The four major guilt groups—food, love, career, and mothers.” ~ Cathy Guisewite

“If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer!” ~ Jim Carrey

Six one way. Half a dozen the other.

There is some nice typographic experimentation going on in there. Just for the record we’ve rotated some of the pages so the bottoms would all be in the same direction. In the printed piece half of them are upside down. Careful folding and tearing of the sheet turns it into an accordion / caterpillar book. We use Lead Graffiti pastepaper and a no glue / no sewing method for making a cover.

The partipants walk out of the workshop with a finished book and enough pieces to make two more that they can give away or trade.

We always give each of our letterpress book workshops to Special Collections at the University of Delaware so they can include a line on their résumé for having a piece in that wonderful collection.

Studio projects Monday April 23 2012 12:39 pm

CC52 / week 49

Craig Cutler has finished his year-long series of weekly personal project, two of which connect with Lead Graffiti.

The first was week 49, which included 16 still life photo of various imagery Craig found around our studio. Here are four of them, but you can see them all here.

From top left: portrait of our 1956 Intertype, handcarved wood type from the 1840s, a 96 point uppercase Caslon X, and a galley of large metal type.