Jason Koons won this contest and got to choose his favorite piece from TdLG’12.

As a bit of follow up to Jason’s winning we got a great box of bike parts from him to use on future prints. It was as nice a thank you as the original gift was for sure.

. . .

We want to have some fun by giving away a few of our letterpress things.

Contest #1. Which stages are included in the makeready postcard shown below?

For the first person to correctly list all of the ones that make up the postcard, we will send you the 2012 poster of your choice and 10 of our makeready postcards including the image shown. We’ll even pay the postage.

The makeready postcards have been cut from sheets we used in preparing for the final images of each of the 23 posters. Often the ink level isn’t quite right, letterspacing is being adjusted, or sometimes even the position of things has been modified. The cards are 6″ x 4″ and have been backed with a layer of Mohawk Superfine cover stock to make writing on them easier.

Just be the first person to tell us which of our Tour de Lead Graffiti posters are included in the image above. Honestly, it took us longer to figure this out ourselves than we thought it would take. So, good luck in searching it out.

You must tell us EVERY poster included in it. Please provide your list in the order of the posters.

Possible answers included - prologue, stages 1 - 20, rest day #1, and rest day #2.

You must submit your answer as a comment to the appropriate post on our Facebook page.

Link to the posters. Link to our Facebook page.

Now to see how this goes.