We’ve started our fall workshops with the first of three Philadelphia University’s Advanced Typography classes.

This gives you an idea of the collective complexity required. Each participant had a 4″ x 5″ page to create. They started with the phrase “Once upon a time…” and finished it. They produced a typographic piece which was used to make a hardback book. They looked like they had a good time.

In the image below you can see the relationship between the printed broadside used for the text block and the lockup of handset wood & metal type. Two rows on the broadside (top and third) have been rotated so the bottoms of all of the pages align.

Every other row of pages in the printed image on the right has been rotated to make the pages easier to read.

Click here to see the image twice as large.

We did have a bit of a start when the Intertype jammed and did a bit of a squirt. Turned out to be the “ear” of one of the type mats that bent and got jammed. Not hard to clean up, but you cannot do it in the middle of a workshop. Apologies to the group for everyone not being able to share that experience firsthand.