The image below shows the lock-up for the 2nd color and the resulting broadside from the Creative Letterpress workshop. The broadside, which was printed by the students on our automatic Vandercook Universal III, was folded and torn to fold into an accordion-style meander book. The students also printed a hardback cover on Lead Graffiti paste papers using our hand-cranked Vandercook SP15.

Delaware College of Art & Design

The top and third rows in the broadside image to the right have been rotated so all of the pages are right-side up. The lock-up to the left is exactly as it was printed, except that the students took souvenirs of their hot metal names used in the colophon they cast on our Intertype C4. We’ve rolled all of the type with white ink to even it out visually.

You can click on the image above and see it double sized and with a lot more detail.

You can click here to see an image of a similar, finished book showing the folding and the final look of the books with finished copies.

This lockup composed by the 12 DCAD students participating in the workshop worked especially well. Given the hundreds of pieces of wood & metal type that can be swollen, worn, dinged, etc., we had to adjust only 2 or 3 of them for the final prints.

A particularly hardcore part of the group kept the conversation going well past the workshop. The “after the workshop” conversation is almost always the best of the whole day. This day was no exception.

Each student took home a finished book and the materials to finish two more at home to relive the process and to better help commit the process to memory.

A copy of this book will be housed in the Lead Graffiti Archive at the Rare Book and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress and in Special Collections at the University of Delaware, both of which maintain a complete collection of our Creative Letterpress workshop books.

That, and the fact that they took this Lead Graffiti workshop, should look quite nice on these young designer’s résumés.