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Monthly ArchiveDecember 2014

Studio projects Tuesday December 23 2014 02:58 am

WHYY-TV’s Best of 2014

Back in June 2014 WHYY-TV in Philadelphia, who does a weekly show on goings-on in Delaware, did a nice segment on Lead Graffiti.

They’ve just listed their WHYY’s Best of 2014 entitledFirst for Friday, December 19, 2014.” Quite nicely and totally unexpected, we are listed first and are the opening segment. Seriously, how nice is all of that.

Below you can see an image of Jill from the segment. They interviewed the 3 of us, filming every corner of our studio. I think we came off pretty well, even mentioning goosebumps twice. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Link to WHYY-TV Best of Delaware 2014.

Our segment starts at 00:44 and runs through 4:23. You can also see our link to our original blog post about the segment which links to a standalone version of the video.

Studio projects Wednesday December 17 2014 10:51 am

Lead Graffiti Young Bookmaker Awards

Back in October 2014 our granddaughter, 7-year-old Attie Blu, was enjoying drawing in one of Jill’s mini “mantle books” which we often sell at craft fairs. We thought it might be interesting for Attie Blu to make one of the accordion-bold books for each of her 25 2nd grade classmates to give out at their annual Halloween party. As Attie Blu working in the studio is a fairly common event around here we didn’t even document it with photographs except for this one photo of the “Pumpkin” covers and Attie Blu’s finger point to hers. The letterpress typography comes from rubber stamps bought at AC Moore.

We’ve decided to declare this event the 1st Lead Graffiti Young Bookmakers Award and Attie Blu as the first Lead Graffiti Young Bookmakers Award winner.

Fast forward 2 months when James’ father, Adam, a former student for a semester about 2 decades ago, called us about his son’s newfound interest in “making books.” We love the idea that a parent will show interest in supporting whatever their kids are interested in and, if it happens to be books, you can double our interest.

At the end of the conversation I asked, “How old is James?”

“Five.” Hmmm.

We invited the two of them to visit the studio. After meeting James and listening to his story we decided on a repeat of our first award winner’s project. James would make books for all of his kindergarten classmates at the Newark Charter School.

Above we see James printing “This gift book for” covers via letterpress on our Vandercook Universal III. We printed an edition of 40 to cover his classmates, a few close family as it was approaching the holidays, a couple for the keepsake box, a couple for us, and a couple for mistakes.

The classmate’s names were rubberstamped in white ink and James developed quite a repeatable method for getting the pressure right while inking the rubberstamps. The “nose scrunch” method turned out to be the best measure of pressure in foot-pounds per letter.

Then the problem was getting the pressure just right to get each of the letters to print as well as possible.

And this is James, the Lead Graffiti’s Young Bookmakers Award 2nd winner for 2014. It is never to early to start working on that résumé or a killer smile you can call up when showing off your portfolio.

A seriously fun afternoon diversion at Lead Graffiti. Thanks to James and Adam for bringing it to us.

This from an email from Adam.

I can’t say enough about our time spent with Lead Graffiti! Both my son & I got so much out of experience. I was amazed at how well Ray, Jill, Tray & Terre set up demonstrations & activities that engaged my five year old. I won’t forget the look on my son’s face when he pressed the button & saw the Vandercook’s cylinder go back & forth for the first time. As strange as it sounds to have a five year old interested in bookmaking, I’m just as glad that Lead Graffiti is around help him explore his interest. Thank you!

workshops Friday December 05 2014 10:56 am

Lead Graffiti workshops January - June 2015

How about a gift certificate for a letterpress or bookmaking workshop which gets someone away from their iPad and into the handmade? You’ll pay $120 for the gift certificate and if they use it for a cheaper workshop we’ll return the difference at the workshop. Any gift certiciate is good for any workshop we offer that runs anytime during 2015.

Lead Graffiti workshop certificate


Metal Type Composition

. . . Saturday, January 3
. . . Sunday, February 15
. . . Sunday, March 29
. . . Saturday, June 27

Vandercook (technical)

. . . Sunday, January 18
. . . Saturday, February 28
. . . Sunday, April 12
. . . Saturday, May 23

Creative Letterpress

. . . Saturday, January 31
. . . Saturday, March 14
. . . Saturday, April 25
. . . Saturday, June 6

Chandler & Price floor-model platens (technical)

. . . Sunday, February 22
. . . Saturday, April 18


One Day, One Book / examples from previous workshops
. . . Sunday, January 4
. . . Sunday, March 7 (new date)
. . . Sunday, April 19

One day, one book illustration

Classic clamshell box / below shows examples for holding 2 family bibles (1 with enclosed ephemera) and a Star Wars book

. . . Saturday, January 24 (new date)
. . . Sunday, May 24

Clamshell illustration

Pastepaper primer / illustration shows 6 examples plus wrapped picture frames. The “One day, 1 book” workshop shows several hardback books wrapped with pastepaper
. . . Sunday, February 1
. . . Saturday, March 28
. . . Sunday, June 7

Clamshell illustration

Coptic stitch bindings / below are coptic stitch examples with the upper left one as a book made of envelopes, perhaps to record receipts from a trip
. . . Sunday, March 15

Coptic stitch illustration