As the final part of our Tour de Lead Graffiti project, we collect the following into a clamshell box portfolio.

  • the 23 daily posters paralleling the 21 stages and 2 rest days of the 2015 Tour de France
  • a composite print of all 92 runs of those posters
  • 3 additional posters, along with postcards trimmed from makeready sheets, and
  • a printed set of 7 postcards with the images of each daily poster with descriptions of the events and how they influenced the poster design

This year, like last year, it is a double-walled clamshell box wrapped with pastepaper specially produced for the occasion.

We are prepared to produce 26 of the clamshell boxes. We haven’t sold out a set of any edition at this point, but are hoping to promote all 5 as a special deal to libraries and interested collectors.

For 2015 the idea for this year’s pastepaper to cover the clamshell box came from a piece done by Ray in one of our pastepaper play sessions. The image to the left shows what the pastepaper area of the front of one of the clamshell boxes will look like.

The visual idea of the pastepaper is the helicopter view we would often see of the colorful jerseys in the peloton. To try to maintain some continuity to the look and feel of the pastepaper sheets, Ray applied the acrylic-colored paste and Jill pulled the squeegee in the vibrating motion across the paper. We spent 1 day experimenting with the process, allowing us to use all of the colors, and avoiding the fairly constant problem with the acrylic paint-colored paste staining the paper and then showing after we’ve drawn the squeege across the sheet to product the pattern. We wanted the squeegee to take us back to white paper.

The image below shows the experimental piece that led us to the idea we used. You can see the staining that occurred in the areas where the squeegee essentially had removed all of the paste.