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Monthly ArchiveMarch 2016

Studio projects Tuesday March 15 2016 12:47 pm

Reprinting the Irish 1916 Proclamation

We were asked to print a fantastic project for Special Collections at the University of Delaware Library to commemorate their exhibition on the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. Lead Graffiti attempted to reproduce an accurate representation via letterpress of the original proclamation poster, of which only a few are known.

Click on the image to link to our “stories” to read about the typography of the poster and more information about the Irish uprising.

Below is a photo of Ray printing the proclamation.

Studio projects Friday March 04 2016 01:58 pm

I went down to the crossroad…

We started this afternoon diversion on November 23, 2014. At this time I cannot remember who it was that worked on it with me. We got that cross of type done at the top, but he never came back to finish.

When we do workshops we offer the attendees to come back and do an afternoon diversion, working on some poster that we want to do. A recent Vandercook (technical) workshop was attended by Aaron Morris and he seems pretty committed to doing some letterpress. He agreed to help finish “Crossroads” and let us get it off of our “in progress” shelf.

I loved his willingness to push the window of readability. Even doing the rest of the poster took us an additional two days of several hours each.

That “y” in “my” is the only one we have in the typeface and the bottom of it is broken off. I actually kind of liked the fact that it avoids the problem of having a descender in that narrow space. Nice of the typography gods to look after us with that. It would have been fun adjusting things so that descender could fit right in between the two words. The problem with doing the posters that we do is that the top and bottom edges are deckled and you just cannot get tight registering. We need to work on a system that will allow at least fairly tight registration and keep the deckle. Hell, we’ve only done about 160 posters so far like that.

Clicking on the image will show it to you about 50% larger.