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Studio projects Thursday July 21 2016 02:07 am

July 20 / Stage 17 / Fr(z)oome

It must be hard, being an international star of anything, but in this instance I’m talking about cycling, and going out against a Chris Froome, and there being nothing you can do to keep up.

Day after day, the top contenders for the Yellow Jersey get a little farther behind. I’ve often wondered if they wish for a catastrophic something or other to happen to him. Get sick. Crash. 20 flat tires in the same stage. Something.

But NO ONE is catching up on Chris Froome. They’ve got 3 more days. Froome’s got to be hurting, but then everyone is hurting.

Some of the people who are an hour behind him do better, but that is only because the Sky team looks at who is out there in front on a breakaway and says, “Don’t bother.”

Climbing the last of 4 climbs today, essentially the top 10 riders were in a group stretched our only about 30 meters. Someone challenges. No gain. Someone else challenges. No gain. Finally, someone interesting (Richie Porte who used to be on Froome’s team and they are still great friends), and Froome decides to jump on with him that they are gone.

So, in the end no one of significance gains time on Froome with Porte doing the best by being the only one that doesn’t loose time, with them both coming in with the same time. Seriously, that in itself is a real accomplishment.

We did the poster below for a ride with a similar result with Froome ending up on top at the top of a mountain that was really, really steep. Four of the best in the world got near the top and Froome just took off.

Click on the image to see the original story of that poster.
From there can link to a larger image of the poster.

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