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Studio projects Saturday July 30 2016 11:41 am

July 24 / Stage 20 / 10th nation win

We had a long-planned family trip that slowed down the posting of the final two stages of this Tour’s blog.

Stage 20, and the next to last stage, was mainly uneventful, so we thought it might be a good time to post a few favorites from past Tours that didn’t have a chance to get shown on earlier stages.

We’ll start with the next to last stage last year which was won by a Frenchman on the climb up Alpe d’Huez, one of the iconic Tour mountains.

Click on any image to see the original story of that poster.
From there can link to a larger image of the poster.

Below was a stage that had one of the most spectacular applications of team strategy associated with it. The team destroyed the rest of the riders who were dreaming of wearing the Green Jersey.

Collaborators were Kieran & Hendrik-Jan Francke.

Below is one of our favorite posters highlighting a spectacular crash.

Stage 6 / Tour de Lead Graffiti 2012

And just to show we don’t always handle crashes the same way, we took the opportunity with the one below to use our wonderful wood type “S” that is broken in half. Perfect.

Tour de Lead Graffiti Stage 7

Collaborators were Rebecca Johnson Melvin & Lucie Melvin.

And another crash below to sent Johnny Hoogerland flying 12 feet off the road, over his handlebars and into a barbed wire fence. Absolutely one of the most iconic couple of images from any tour over the past 4 decades. That was also the year we fell in love with Tommy Voeckler.

Tour de Lead Graffiti Stage 9

Collaborators were Donna Globus & Paul Thompson.

You need to read the whole story of the hands on this one. Click on the image and find out Lucie’s input on this one. One of the most fabulous moments in our printing of the 115 posters we did over 5 years of the Tour.

Tour de Lead Graffiti Stage 3

At this point we will stop. Everytime I look at another poster I find 2 I’d like to put up. We’ve loved a high percentage of the work we’ve done on this project.

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