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Studio projects Monday September 26 2016 01:06 pm

“Fight any urge to do it the easy way”
Talk 3 of 4 at Kutztown University
September 2016

We didn’t want to repeat the intro to these talks all 4 times so you can read it for the first talk here.

Here are couple of preliminary thoughts (which is worth repeating) that are going to weave through most of these projects and talks.

• Fight any urge to take the easy way.
• If there is a rule, there is usually a smart way to break it.
• Know the answer before you hear the question and then reword the question.
• Rage against the default in as many times and ways as you can.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Example #1 : Waldorf School of Philadelphia 8th grade diploma

Look at any diploma you’ve ever gotten. Honestly, for the people who normally do diplomas it is a lot easier to do a nice black one, stamp the name pretty easily (they’ve got that all pretty mechanized, where we have to set it by hand). We showed a nice certificate project back in Example 1 of talk 1 of 4 that you can look at.

Here are 2 more diplomish projects we’ve done. Kalmar Nyckel. We had great fun doing the border for it.

And the AAUW.

You could photocopy or inkjet print everyone of these, but where’s the fun in that.

Example #2 : Moments Carved in Paper

The books are fairly simple, both in their scale (5″ x 9″) and also in their construction (flutter book), but we find lots of ways to complicate things and hopefully make the stories in them interesting to the reader or book collector.

You can go to our blog entry about this book and also can see the other two books in the series so far (we should be finished with book #4 within 3 weeks) in our portfolio under “books.” They are right near the top.

Example #3 : All Preservation…

Would be interesting if we could go back and redo this poster now that we know a lot more about letterpress printing and do it the same way. It took Jill 6 hours to lay out the poster. Then it took me 8 hours of painstakingly leveling each piece of wood type (which was taken from our orphan type), raising them to the correct type-height to print well.

Jill also did that nice handrolling on the paper stock before printing the line. This was done to give out as a keepsake for an American Printing History Association national conference. We just put a stack of 125 of them on the registration table with a sign asking people to only take 1.

Great fun doing this poster and we love talking about it.

Example #4 : TdLG / Wind

This may be my favorite poster we did of the 115 we did for our Tour de Lead Graffiti project. I bounce around among about 5 of them.

The quick story is that crosswinds broke the peloton into 4 groups. The need to be able to draft the rider in front of you is important, and when you lose that, it is hard to get it back, even for the best cyclists on the planet.

You can read the whole story here.

Example #5 : Laboratory Press Projet (that is not a misspelling)

We are showing this as the 5th piece for each of the talks as we think it is a significant challenge that we can make to all of the students we are talking to. I’m not sure how many will hear what we are saying, but those that do should get a lifetime of better creative work. Read it at the bottom of the first talk here.

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