Over the past several years we’ve produced a number of clamshells for botanical artist MF Cardamone. Cardamone collects plant specimens and combines them with images and words that result in complex visual narratives that reveal the science, history, and beauty of her subjects. You can see her work here.

With a new body of work, she wanted 2 clamshells that would hold about twenty 18″ x 27″ pieces each.

Jill did a great job with producing the architecture of the clamshells and the large sheets of paste paper.

We’d done lots of largish clamshells, most notably for our Tour de Lead Graffiti series, but these are about 3″ wider and taller. It is strange how much more trouble comes from those 3″.

Below you can see an earlier 14″ x 20″ clamshell showing an example of Cardamone’s wonderful work.