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Studio projects Monday July 10 2017 12:41 pm

Rest Day #1 / “The chain that binds” / 2012

The broadside that came in second for the 5 Rest Day #1 broadsides started a rule that we continued to follow for all 5 years. We always used a chain as the major image for the 1st rest days. We also used it several other times which may show up later in these posts.

The rest days gave us an extra 4 hours in those days as there wasn’t any Tour to watch live on TV. This gave us the chance to do some things that would otherwise make the broadside difficult to finish on the same day. This particular poster wasn’t finished until 10:29 pm even with the extra 4 hours.

The idea of the broadside was the “loose” chain. We locked the top strip of chain with two pieces of leading and then hand rolled the chain for 4 runs, each in a different color. Between impressions, we would simply flick the chain to give a different positioning. No thought went into what the chain’s position had been on any of the previous runs.

You can read the whole story of the stage and this poster by clicking here. Look at the production shots at the bottom.

For the second place winner, we always liked the one we did in 2011 where we used the chain “loosely” drawing the border of France. The chain is one complete bike chain.

Another interesting element to this one that only happened one other time during the 5 years was that it referred to another poster which was the 2nd place winner yesterday.

You can read the whole story of the stage and this poster by clicking here.

. . .

The tally for the TdLG years so far.

2011 - 24 points
2012 - 10
2013 - 19
2014 - 6
2015 - 8

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