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Studio projects Friday July 14 2017 08:06 am

Stage 13 / “The wind as knife” / 2013

This poster represents a wonderful example of the dynamics of cycling and the physics of drafting. This is one of Ray’s favorite 3 posters of the 115 we did, and honestly it may be #1. Love the color, love the layout, and love how well it explains something quite complicated.

Read the story here to get the whole description.

I would have a hard time trying to argue for this poster in a court of law. I just like the simplicity. Using the heart as the “O” in Roy highlighted a heartbreaking catch of a breakaway, except that we really loved the guy who won.

Read the story here to get the whole description.

The tally for the TdLG years so far.

2011 - 35 points
2012 - 14
2013 - 29
2014 - 9
2015 - 16

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