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Studio projects Tuesday July 18 2017 02:03 am

Stage 15 / “The Air Is Thin Up There” / 2013

Mont Ventoux is one of the mother climbs in the Tour de France.

When you get up around the top there is nothing but rock. No vegetation at all. You are above the tree line. You are above the grass line. I think you may be above the lichen line.

Froome having 2 Os was just too much fun to play with.

The road wrapped around protrusions in the mountain. Around the bend and disappear for a bit. Then, surprise. Back out in the open. And then disappear again.

All in one color, but it took two runs because we couldn’t write pedal that many times in the metal type we had.

I really love this poster.

Click here to read the whole story of the broadside below of this broadside.

Click here to read the whole story of the broadside below.

Some terrorist threw tacks in the road near the top of a serious mountain climb. There were 48 flat tires. We loved using the Ts as tacks.

We decided no one with a Q in their name was going to win a stage, so we cut the bottom of it off and made a flat tire out of it.

The tally for the TdLG years so far.

2011 - 45 points
2012 - 22
2013 - 32
2014 - 9
2015 - 16

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