Lead Graffiti is working with Bottle of Smoke Press on a new book printed via letterpress.

Entitled All the Wild Thoughts the book is 23 years, 1947 to 1969, of correspondence between On the Road author Jack Kerouac and architect Ed White. The book has a preface and commentaries by Ed White with the introduction by John Leland, author of Why Kerouac Matters.

A prospectus printed via letterpress has been printed to
announce the intended publication in February, 2013

Jack Kerouac & Ed White (the model for Tim Gray in On the Road) exchanged letters and postcards, beginning during their days at Columbia University and continuing until Kerouac’s death. This unique volume offers an insider’s look at their long-lasting friendship and insights into the shaping of Beat literature.

White’s preface offers context for this extraordinary body of correspondence, and his commentaries on each letter add rich anecdotal detail. The book is edited by David Stanford, Jamie White, S.A. Griffin & Frances Sawyer with book design by Lead Graffiti & Bottle of Smoke Press with cover artwork by FAILE.

All the Wild Thoughts is published as a limited edition fine press book, printed via letterpress by Bottle of Smoke Press & Lead Graffiti. The hardcover book is planned at 150 pages and 7” x 10” (17.8 cm x 25.4 cm).
This first edition is limited to 600 copies: 500 numbered trade copies and 100 numbered deluxe copies. Signed by Ed White & the designers, each deluxe copy is bound in leather and housed in a custom-made clamshell containing a copperplate used to print one page of the book.

Trade Edition $130 (pre-publication $105)

Deluxe Edition $475 (pre-publication $415)

Copies will be assigned as orders are received, with earliest orders getting lower numbers. Expected shipment date is February, 2013. To order a copy, please email bill@bospress.net. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, check, or money order. If sending a check or money order, please email first to insure your place in the order.