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inventory / presses Thursday February 27 2014 10:00 pm

Frisket/tympan for #5 Washington iron handpress

We are starting to build the frisket/tympan frame four our 1868 Washington #5 iron handpress.

I’m putting scans of the drawings from Rummonds “Printing on the Iron Handpress” to help show where we are headed. When we get the finish done we’ll put up nice photos of the results.

We need someone with a GOOD frisket frame that is willing to take good closeup photos of all of the important places and to provide us with some basic measurements.

We need good photos of all of the corners, pins, things that hold pieces together etc. Images can be mailed to Might be better if you emailed us first to make sure we don’t already have them.

A question:

Is #59 in the top image metal?

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Craig Cutler at Lead Graffiti

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Craig Cutler, noted New York photographer, is near completion of a year-long series of weekly personal projects entitled CC52. The 49th in the series are photographs taken at Lead Graffiti.

Click on Craig’s image of some of our 96 point foundry metal Caslon below and take a look.